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IoT Now!


from RM25 /Device/month

Starting your IoT journey should not be affected by the starting cost. Find out more about how estate123.IoT can help you to start your IoT journey at affordable cost

IoT Dashboard

IoT at Your Fingertips

Monitor your premise from as low as RM25/device/month!

Introducing the estate123.IoT solution where you can monitor temperature, humidity, or detect smoke on your premise with our easy-to-install IoT solution.

You will be able to access the dashboard with data that will allow you to monitor the status of your premise using our IoT devices as long as it is connected.

Choose the solution that you wanted and click buy

We will deliver the product to your doorstep

Follow instruction to install and login to the dashboard to start using


We want to make IoT implementation to be a breeze to all our customers and as easy as 1-2-3.

Setup Monitoring Device

We will ship the monitoring device with the instructions to setup the device.

Login to Dashboard

A login account to a dashboard to monitor the data based on the device that you subscribe to.

Start Monitoring

Once login to your account, you are presented with the dashboard to monitor the data sent from the devices.

Why Choose Us?


Reliable MQTT Broker for industrial

Data Storage

Store data for more than 12 months for trending analysis


Proactive alert notification through email.

Data Insight

Out-of-the-Box insight into the data you needed

No Missing Data

No missing data with de facto technology of IoT MQTT

No Technical Skill

Easy to set up and configure. No technical knowledge is required.

Don’t wait… IoT Now!